Project Type: The Civilization Series

Jungian Sorcery

The damn thing was fast too, and the crazy arm thing made him even scarier.

Message Request

They remind me that they're watching too, in perfectly timed photos, or by bulls-eye shitting on my head…

Ecce Homo

I used to look at this finished painting, go ‘yuck’, affirm the lost cause and shove it back…

In Dark Purity

Having metal related projects on the side is always icing on the cake!

Pus Seeking in the Monarch-Kitty

The end result fell nothing short of CAT-astrophic!

The Emancipation of MOLLOCH

They say the end of the world begins with the summoning of "Molloch".

Nothing to See Here

Watercolor 21 x 14 cm 2022 Or is there?


Let's begin with the word "nice". It's a lukewarm, flaccid, pathetic, vague, zombie sewer that people like to…

The “Other” Migrante Cover

People often have the misconception that art school teaches one how to “make art”, regardless of predisposition and…

Converpulations (The Disaster Piece)

There are so many things wrong with it:  The proportion, the perspective, the bizarre, unreconcilable monotonal* rust and metallic…