“In this prescription-riddled world, we are beginning to lose the capacity to think for ourselves. Perception has turned into referral rather than a desire to find new answers.”

In her Civilization series, Isa Pilapil’s “Rorschachian experiments” invite the audience to confront their sanity – A true test of freedom where clues or answers cannot be provided by any search engine. Did the gods and demons in the paintings come from your own head? These pigmented reunions between theory, concept, and physical practice, grant the viewer an opportunity to break free from recycled information and once again create a new diagnosis of their own.

Isa Pilapil graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of the Philippines, with a B.A. degree in Studio Arts. Primarily a visual artist focusing on traditional media such as oil, watercolor, and pencil, she is also well versed in digital drawing and graphic design. A strong advocate of Classical Art Theory, all her work is based on its foundations.

In 2002, she formed and played in Demiurge, a metal band that would later find modest renown in the local underground scenes. This led to the 2004 founding of Demiurge Digital, a multimedia studio that has built a solid reputation in both local and international music communities. While paving the way for other music related commissions such as album art and promotional material, the studio also converges her passion for metal with Fine Art.



Demiurge Digital