Oil on canvas
28 x 24’’

This painting was created  for a local metal band’s album cover.

The image on the left was the original concept, however it never went past this underpainting stage because a better idea came to mind.

The female figure is a representation of the Biblical Eve after the “Fall” of mankind.  I wanted to explore the unseen implications behind that proverbial ‘forbidden fruit’.  The serpent, who prior to being punished allegedly had humanoid features, might as well have been a guardian of the Tree of Knowledge. Eve’s actions could have been a conscious choice.

There is no meaning in a life where one reaps fruit he did not sow.This is why there was discontent, even in Paradise.


*          *          *

The image below is a small 1′ x 1′ oil painting created for the album’s compact disc.  It is a personal interpretation of the pre- “Fall” serpent.  This is the progenitor of my “Ouroboros”, a recurring theme in my works.

Ouroboros Painting by Isa Pilapil

Here is how the two paintings in their final applications turned out: