21 x 29.7 cm

Survival is intrinsic to our nature. But, mankind’s establishment as a species has overtaken what our bodies have evolved to do on a cellular level. While our bodies are trying to rewire or figure out another avenue to circumvent the energy intended for escaping that ‘saber toothed cat that has been hunting you for days’, we need to exert effort to avoid becoming sheep.

Our mortality is always lurking behind this translucent curtain of comfort we constantly try to surround ourselves with. It’s the sneaky little devil on your shoulder, relentlessly finding ways to do you in.

Although we may succumb to physical disease, there are still those less prominent mental or spiritual aspects of decline to consider.  Insidious things such as the idleness of the mind permeate our reality the further we are removed from the need to hunt or find shelter like our ancestors.

Too much comfort is a developmental hindrance. After all, mind and body instinctively pursue the easiest and most efficient way to do (or undo)things. Once one has reached, or is born into a ‘homeostatic’ state, it is more difficult to find motivation to grow. Hence, for those who no longer seek food or shelter, the energy intended for survival is in surplus. Its utility is denigrated towards menial things such as gossip, intrigue and the tenuous angst –byproducts of group level contentment.

Even something as passive as television incites the body’s stress response when in excess. The way mortality tugs at your ears with its cunning little fingers when your mind is at ease is truly brilliant. The best part is you’re not even aware that your mode of relaxation is physically harmful. So it’s better to think twice about one’s mode of recreation lest it might be detrimental.