I learned about the wonderful world of Decalcomania more than two decades ago. Creating these ‘inktricate’ blobs, blotches, spots and blots a la Rorschach, has always been a lush proving ground for the latent imagination. The late Dr. himself would know.

These monotype ‘inkblots’ were created by dropping watercolor onto a piece of paper, and then folding the paper in half to form a symmetrical pattern. In making these, the only distinct goal was to aesthetically surpass the previous inkblot. Unfortunately, even this simple objective was not easy to achieve and eventually, I had a whole pile of rejects that I didn’t know what to do with.  Instead of wasting all that paper, I began manipulating them. And thus the “Civilization” series began.

Does showing you what I see tell you a little more about me?

10.8 x 14 cm