Salvation Manual

One can’t help but wonder whether the hours I spend manipulating the details of these hybrid print/paintings detract from the glory of the original inkblots. Do you see what the little people are doing?  Do people even read all these words? Doesn’t really matter.

We resort to all sorts of things to make sense of the world. We are always searching for ways to affirm our beliefs, or non-beliefs. In my humble opinion, even atheists are spending far too much time quoting references. At least it creates more common ground between them and their proverbial fanatical religious zealot opposites.

People wile away their hours looking for the next motivational meme, article or video to share. By projecting an identity based on borrowed quotations and similar media just to define oneself, one pushes ritualistic practice further along its (de)evolutionary path. It’s another way to avoid thinking, – too much.

21.0 x 29.7 cm