Mortality Weakness

2013 hasn’t been disappointing in terms of exciting projects that redefine the word ‘job’. This one in particular

Jormungandr : Tales of Revilement

 Please click images for a larger view. This is a commissioned piece for the Taiwanese death metal band Revilement, whom


  2011 Oil on pre-made wooden boxes with transparent acrylic lids   The Despair Series is a continuation of the

Brimstone In Fire Glyph

This glyph was designed for our band, Brimstone in Fire. The original design by Dondi Bunye, is literally


Been fascinated with mythological creatures lately.  The Harpy’s face was painted in Photoshop with a Wacom Intuos 4 Pro

Dirty Little Sphinx

This started out as a pencil drawing, which was eventually digitally manipulated.  I’ve always been fascinated by sphinxes


2010 A result of my ventures in ‘digital painting’ using  Photoshop + a Wacom Intuos 4 Pro tablet.

Implanting the Mythos

Though created back in 2004, this work is the cover of the 4th issue of arguably the Philippines’ most

Metaphysical Armor

This piece was borne from the works of Lucio Fontana whose most significant works rebelled against the two-dimensionality of