8.27 x 11.69’’

Coming back from my trip, I am faced with the backlog of catching up with the usual routine. Updating my website feels like an appropriate activity to celebrate getting back into the swing of things. 

This artwork deviates from my usual style in multiple ways. 1) It has a theme based on an external established enterprise, 2) It is very whimsical, and 3), Its palette extends far beyond my subdued comfort zone of composite colors and monotones. 

The most striking characteristic of these Herman Rorschach style ink blots is that instead of having the audience ‘pareidolia-cally’ interpret the random blobs and variegations in the paint, my visual clues are telling people what to see. If a psychoanalyst finds any abnormalities in my thought patterns because of how I see things in the paint, I’m making sure that you see these things too…Or aren’t I?    

That aside, there are a lot of fun little details in this artwork that can help you further understand the title and the theme. 

  1. Knight with a lime axe – to add that extra sting to those wounds. 
  2. Rabbit with a feather Sword
  3. Ortolan
  4. ‘Meat fruit’
  5. Langoustine
  6. 3 Roses
  7. Random Juniper Berries
  8. Lavender Flowers
  9. The Mock Turtle
  10. A Gryphon
  11. A Dodo
  12. Two Ducks with cutlery extremities
  13. A not-so-golden Apple
  14. An Octopus
  15. An Elephant
  16. A Metamorphosing Peanut (which explains the title)

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